Taxi Dispatch

Receiving calls from customers, processing on-line chats and applications for servicing orders is the basis for any taxi services

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    Every day, more than 1000 calls from the client come to taxi service, where more than 60% of the traffic reaches on peak morning hours from 8.00 to 11.00 and evening from 17.00 to 20.00. and weekends.

    Here there is a difficulty with the distribution of the load, the selection of operators for a non-standard schedule, the formation of torn shifts. As a result, companies suffer from the fact that dispatchers cannot cope with the flow of calls and orders go away, staff turnover is growing, and the quality of service is falling.

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    An ideal solution for serving 100% calls with high quality service will be transferring calls during peak hours to the outsourced call center eCall.


    We already have 800 operators and we can easily use them at peak loads. Our technical base allows us to implement quick integration with software for automating the work of taxi services, every locations are provided of generators which ensures uninterrupted process 24/7. The expertise of the eCall project team allows the taxi service to meet key call center performance indicators, such as Service Level -80/20: Call answer rate -95%, C-Sat – 8.80, Quality list control – 95%, from the first days of the project launch .

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    As a result, the taxi service business receives:

    • increase in the number of orders due to 100% acceptance of incoming calls
    • increased customer loyalty due to reduced waiting times on the line
    • increase in profits due to reduction in personnel costs, rent, equipment.

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