In the modern world, you can learn almost everything at any age. It can be English or IT development courses

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    In the modern world, you can learn almost everything at any age. Be it English or IT development courses. To attract customers, schools use a marketing tool – telemarketing. They define the key indicators of target audience such as: place of location, income. Develop a special offer, a conversation script and go ahead for customers. For these purposes, you need to create your own call center with focus on sales, but you can do it easier:

    The best way to solving this task transfer your service to outsourcing.

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    What tasks can be solved effectively by call center eCall?

    • customer consultation with a focus on the sale of services
    • launching cold calls campaign
    • search for customers interested in purchasing services
    • updating the database, collecting and processing statistical data
    • systematization of customer information in CRM
    • work with complaints
    • preparation of reports
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    As a result, the company will receive the following benefits:

    • Sales growth
    • Unloading your own call center by forwarding calls to CC eCall
    • Optimization of telephone lines, simplifying the scheduling process for staff
    • Increased customer loyalty due to reduced waiting times on the line
    • Profit growth due to reduced personnel costs, rent, equipment
    • Increasing the number of sales of services due to timely and high-quality work with the customer base
    • Competitive upgrades

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