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The business of insurance companies implies that when an insured event occurs, immediately after the adoption of all necessary measures, the client must immediately call their insurance company, and in details inform them.

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    There is an important point in the insurance business that a customer who has just had an accident, or got into an accident, is in a state of shock and a quick answer to a call is critical to him. Often the flow of such  calls is very large, and the duration of the conversation can reach a significant 8-10 minutes, so any insurance company is simply obliged to ensure 100% availability of its contact center.

    In the process of ensuring 100% availability of the contact center, each insurance company faces a number of problems, such as staff turnover, lack of the required amount of manpower in city where the call center is located, peak call loads. Taken together, all of these factors lead to a loss of customer loyalty that does not meet key call center performance metrics such as Service Level -80/20: Call answer rate -95%, C-Sat – 8.80, Quality list control – 95% , demotivation of staff, falling ratings of the insurance company. In addition, to receive each call would have to hire hundreds of support staff, and bear the fixed costs, even when they are idle, and this is inevitable. There is a solution to this problem on the market – outsourcing.

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    But it is obvious that it is more profitable to use outsourcing if a small center load is planned (several operators), one-time or periodic tasks are solved and, most importantly, there are no resources, time or specialists to create your own call-center. If a company plans to solve constant problems with the help of a call center, it needs at least several tens, and even hundreds of operators, ready to allocate funds, people and time – it is more reasonable to make a combined approach, in which part of the tasks lies on its own call -center, and part – outsourced.

    What tasks can be solved effectively by call center Ecall?

    • customer consultation with a focus on the sale of services organization of cold calls;
    • search for customers interested in purchasing services updating the database
    • collecting and processing statistical data
    • systematization of information about customers
    • work with complaints
    • preparation of reports

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    As a result, the company will receive the following benefits:

    • Unloading your own call center by forwarding calls to CC eCall
    • Optimization of telephone lines,
    • Simplifying the scheduling process for staff
    • Increased customer loyalty due to reduced waiting times on the line
    • Growth profit due to reduction of personnel costs, rent, equipment
    • Increasing the number of sales of services due to timely and high-quality work with the customer base
    • Competitive upgrades

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