Call center for goverment sector

Today, government services are also gradually taking over the trends of commercial structures for the formation of high-quality customer service

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    Even for public utilities, there is competition in the form of apartment building co-owners associations under which conditions, the public sector should develop. Organizing your own contact center requires a lot of time and money. For the state structure, it is especially necessary to coordinate the budget for each unit, and if something is not taken into account by the procurement department, wait a year before the next budget formation. An outsourcing contact center who already has business processes  built regarding european quality standard, will be a helping hand in this matter. The company can only hold a tender and determine the most interesting bidder for their needs.

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    What tasks can be solved effectively by call center eCall?

    • customer consultation with a focus on the sale of services organization of cold calls;
    • search for customers interested in purchasing services updating the database
    • collecting and processing statistical data
    • systematization of information about customers
    • work with complaints
    • preparation of reports
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    As a result, the company will receive the following benefits:

    • Unloading your own call center by forwarding calls to CC eCall
    • Optimization of telephone lines,
    • Simplifying the scheduling process for staff
    • Increased customer loyalty due to reduced waiting times on the line
    • Growth profit due to reduction of personnel costs, rent, equipment
    • Increasing the number of sales of services due to timely and high-quality work with the customer base
    • Competitive upgrades

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