In business realities, the Bank is no different from other industries and experiences the same difficulties in work, such as staff turnover, lack of manpower to call existing customer bases and make cold calls, and peak call times.

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    In the realities of business, the Bank is no different from other industries and experiences has the same work problems, mainly staff turnover, lack of manpower to call existing customers and make cold calls, peak of call volume. Taken together, all these factors lead to lost profits, staff demotivation, failure to meet key call center quality indicators such as:

    • Service Level -80/20
    • Call answer rate -95%
    • C-Sat – 8.80
    • Quality list control – 95%

    In the market there is a solution to this problem – outsourcing.

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    It is likely that choosing the right partner for each particular bank is an individual task, and there is no single algorithm how to search and use resources most optimally.

    Obviously that the most profitable way to use outsourcing if a small center load is planned  (several operators), one-time or periodic tasks are solved and, most importantly, there are no resources, time or specialists to create your own call-center. If the bank plans to solve the constant problems with the help of the call center, it needs at least several tens, and even hundreds of operators, ready to allocate funds, people and time – it is more reasonable to make a combined approach in which part of the tasks lies on its own call -center, and part – outsourced.

    As a varient, banking operators may be entrusted with the services of legal entities and VIP clients, and less complex tasks can be delegated to the outsourced call center.

    What tasks can the Ecall Call Center effectively address?

    • Organization of an effective hotline
    • Creation and technical support of the call center of the company.
    • Promotion of banking services and telemarketing
    • Receiving and forwarding incoming calls to the target departments.


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    As a result, the Bank will receive the following benefits:

    • Unloading the Bank’s own call center by forwarding calls to the Ecall
    • Optimization of the Bank’s telephone lines, simplifying the scheduling process for staff.
    • Increasing customer loyalty by reducing wait times on the line
    • Profit growth due to reduction of personnel costs, rent, equipment
    • Increasing the number of sales of credit products, due to timely and quality work with the existing customer base.

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