A large influx of customers, especially in the period of high season, is a feature of the call center of airlines.

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    A large influx of customers, especially in the period of high season, is a feature of the call center of airlines. Every day the airline receives a huge number of incoming calls, the service of which requires multi-language support. The quality of the work of operators for airlines is estimated at thousands of dollars, because an incorrectly executed tour or incorrect selection of a ticket leads to financial losses incurred by the company. In addition to financial risks, the operator must be as customer-oriented as possible in order to compete with other airlines

    Also important is the ability to sell additional services to increase the margin of the business. Operator must possesed all of the above qualities for providing support service of the contact center of the airline. And there are hundreds of such operators per season to fulfill the goals of receiving 100% of calls. To achieve these goals, the owner needs to invest a significant amount in the creation of a call center of more than $ 40,000, but even this will not protect the business from endlessly solving many problems associated with ensuring the smooth operation of the call center.

    It is important to take into account that having your own call center can not always solve the problem of peak loads that exists in airlines. This is where the dilemma arises: Is it worth allocating an additional budget for overstaff, expanding jobs, and attracting administrative staff? Or is there an option that can help reduce costs and get the job done? The best solution for this task is call center outsourcing.

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    But it is obvious that it is more profitable to use outsourcing if a small center load is planned (several operators), one-time or periodic tasks are solved and, most importantly, there are no resources, time or specialists to create your own call-center. If a company plans to solve constant problems with the help of a call center, it needs at least several tens, and even hundreds of operators, ready to allocate funds, people and time – it is more reasonable to make a combined approach, in which part of the tasks lies on its own call -center, and part – outsourced.

    What tasks can be solved effectively by call center eCall?

    • customer consultation with a focus on the sale of services organization of cold calls;
    • search for customers interested in purchasing services updating the database
    • collecting and processing statistical data
    • systematization of information about customers
    • work with complaints
    • preparation of reports
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    As a result, the company will receive the following benefits:

    • Unloading your own call center by forwarding calls to CC eCall
    • Optimization of telephone lines,
    • Simplifying the scheduling process for staff
    • Increased customer loyalty due to reduced waiting times on the line
    • Growth profit due to reduction of personnel costs, rent, equipment
    • Increasing the number of sales of services due to timely and high-quality work with the customer base
    • Competitive upgrades

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