How to reduce CC costs by 30% using a backup partner during peak period?

It’s no a secret that for large businesses there is seasonality, peak loads in the context of the day, holidays, weekends and black Fridays. The amount of resources these days can exceed current needs by 2, or even 3 times. The treatment for these problems is the correct scheduling, operational load management and continuous selection of personnel in the right amount. The platform for the above is a special Work Force Management program, a competent analyst in tandem with a supervisor, and of course a strong recruiting department.

In the realities of today, the question with the program for calculating the schedules and services of the analyst can be quite painlessly solved, but the issue of selection is now quite acute.


As a rule, companies open offices at the location of the company itself, most often in Kiev or other cities with over one million people. But the personnel market is stagnating and the higher the standard of living of the city, the more difficult it is to find worthy candidates for the position of operator. In addition to the fact that there is a huge turnover, there is such a factor when, out of 10 people who have passed an interview, only 2 get to work. And these 2 already after 2 months. want to change jobs. The staffing funnel is disastrously small.

In order to support this endless conveyor, it is necessary to maintain more than 3 people recruiters, regularly pay for advertising, have your own training center, and a team of professionals to adapt. And the most unpleasant thing is the continuous process of increasing personnel costs, since in Kiev the operator wants to receive at least UAH 15,000. This is tax-free of course. But, the problem with the staff is solvable, for this it is necessary to differentiate and expand into regions remote from the cities of millionaires.

In fact, it turns out that it is better to have several small locations in Ukraine than one large one in the city center. Why? In every city there is a threshold of available resumes, 10% of which are replenished every month when you understand that you have squeezed everything out of the database, but you don’t get new infusions in the right amount from job sites – this is the limit, it’s important to accept and start the expansion process in new cities. From experience, we can say that migration to new cities solves the issue of recruitment, but it opens up new difficulties that it is important to consider before starting your actions.

1. Operational and project team

In such cities, it is usually difficult to find a management team and often the only right decision is to send an existing employee to develop the site. But these are risks.

2. Investment

It will be necessary to have an amount of more than $ 30,000 (the amount is indicative, since many parameters affect its size) in order to successfully launch in a new city.

3. Control

Experience shows that remote sites are difficult to control, it will be necessary to create a working group and do field events on a weekly basis.

But the business itself is an enterprise for which, first of all, it is important to get the greatest profit amid cost reduction. And investing in a call center financially, endlessly solving a lot of issues related to smooth operation is not necessary, since there is an alternative – outsourcing. You can easily optimize costs if you correctly analyze your schedule for receiving calls by day and year. Clearly identify peak hours under which it is difficult for your business to form torn shifts, determine how many personnel your recruiting can safely block on your own, and define clear goals for quality and accessibility indicators.

After this analysis, you will be able to draw up a load schedule, which will serve as a map for miscalculation and formation of a commercial offer for you from the outsourcing CC. For Ekoll, it is not at all difficult to support calls in volumes of 10,000 or more calls. We already have our 6 locations in advantageously located cities where we can recruit any required number of staff. Own training center monthly produces more than 100 operators who have gained knowledge in the field of customer service, the quality department, which uses special techniques and specialized software to work with call quality.

From practice, when transferring calls to outsourcing, companies release more than 30% of the budget in relation to the costs of CC. And most importantly, there is time and energy to engage in core business. For a small business In order to survive start-up in the realities of today’s business, you need to have a truly competitive product. In addition, when you open an enterprise and draw up a budget of costs, the reality turns out to be much more severe and it is necessary to have a financial pillow of safety at least 2 times higher than the initial forecast. In addition to your costs for the product and production, you must add the costs of opening your own CC.

This figure is far from small. To open a decent KV with modern technology, advanced software, and the smooth operation of the site, you need to invest more than $ 30,000. Invested funds will not insure you against the fact that you will be forced to fill all the bumps of this business on your own, since you have no experience and as a result you will lose precious time.

For a sane entrepreneur, it is obvious that you can reduce this part of the cost and avoid negative experience. To do this, the market has long invented outsourcing. The key to making the right decision can be the fact that Ecall for small business offers a comprehensive offer that will allow for 10 000 UAH / month. provide full support for your customers, based on the leading equipment of world leaders, and a project team that has already implemented more than 250 projects on similar topics.

As a result, from the first day your customers will receive European service, against the background of the fact that your financial airbag will be filled.

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