How to increase sales in a call center by 20%?

The high sales season has already begun in almost all areas of the business, which has intensified the activities of marketers and customer service specialists in finding and expanding sales channels. Now there are many options for generating a lead stream through Facebook, Google, Messengers, Instagram, and this whole stream, which costs a lot of money, flows directly into the funnel of the call center, on which it depends on what the business will receive in the result.

It’s time to conduct an audit. Are you satisfied with the sales performance of your contact center? Are you following the conversion plan you set? No? This needs to be fixed urgently! Although, if you think about it, you are sure that you want to invest time and effort into this complex process, most likely somehow this process has already been set up for you;

But building sales in a call center begins with a complete understanding of who is calling you? What does he want? And how to satisfy the customer’s need in exchange for a purchase. For 13 years of work in the field of building a strategy for different types of contact center services, we have identified 8 steps, compliance with which will increase sales of your call center. Based on the experience of implementing more than 250 projects, we have prepared a checklist that will help you improve the process of interacting with customers in your call center today.

1 Customer segmentation. First of all, it is important to understand what type of client is in front of you. Next, you need to decide which base it can be attributed to, for example, if the customer applies repeatedly or has already bought something, it can be attributed to cross sell, those customers who have already bought such a phone may need new accessories for the purchased purchase, they can be attributed to up sale, customers who did not contact your product, but just liked or left the lead – these are cold. Customer segmentation will allow us to identify a clear approach to a specific type, which will make it possible to clearly develop sales tools such as a script, offer, training program, KPI.

2. Selection of products for each type of base. When, at the segmentation stage, you have allocated customers to the types of bases, such as cross sell, up sell, cold sales, it’s time to start forming an offer for each type of them. For cross sell, analyze what the customer has already bought, and which of the existing line can also interest him and determine the time when this will be relevant. If this is an up-sell, select the appropriate accessories for his gadget, or jewelry for the purchased dress. The more accurate you make the choice, the greater the likelihood of a high conversion.

3. Define KPI for each company. Analyze historical sales data, in which figures your performance fluctuates, if there is no such data, conduct a pilot project, for example, using 100 contacts with the help of a good specialist, and set goals based on its results.

4.  script development and training programs. Assign your trainers to develop a script and training program for each type of product database that you have already identified. At the bottom of this article we are enclosing your own version; you can take it as a basis.

5. test for operators. Develop final testing based on the completed course, which will identify weaknesses in training and avoid line incompetence. Organize making test calls at the conclusion of training and select the best.

6. technical setup. Use auto redial to dial the base, this will reduce your costs and increase employee productivity. As a result, you will achieve the goal much faster than with manual dialing. Set up the reporting fields in advance, which will reflect the picture of sales. Be sure to check the recording of all conversations.

7. quality control Organize employees to work with call quality, set metrics with scoring for each of the criteria, conduct calibration sessions at least once a week.

8. staff motivation. Develop a motivation system linked to the KPI that you have established. Be sure to organize the process of non-material motivation, hold contests and give gifts for high efficiency, empathy in your voice, worked out time on the line and much more that is significant to you. These simple guidelines will help you rapidly increase the productivity of your call center.


You will not only improve customer service, but also be able to expertly convert leads into buyers. Call center is an integral part of a serious business. If your resources are not enough in order to timely and efficiently process calls, CONTACT US and we will squeeze the maximum conversions out of your leads.

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