Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls are a powerful tool for mass communication with existing customers, as well as for attracting new ones. The objectives of outgoing calls are sales or promotion of goods and services, as well as analytical research.

Optimization of operator resources and exclusion of downtime is provided through the use of Predictive Dialing algorithms, which reduce the waiting time for operators to establish a connection with the called subscribers. Initially, the system performs the number of calls corresponding to the number of operators. However, not all callers answer calls, so as statistics on the speed of responses are accumulated, the number of dialing numbers will increase, so as to take the maximum time for operators.

The main eCall services for handling outgoing calls:


Outgoing telephone campaigns for the active promotion of goods and services. Work on the "cold" and "warm" base. According to the results of the pilot project, the transition to pay for the result.

Servicing of CPA projects

Compliance with high SLA requirements for the first call (from 1 minute), high cross- and up-sale conversion.


Survey of respondents to fill out a standard survey, aimed at studying the opinion of consumers about the company, product / service. Collect customer satisfaction information (CSAT, Customer Satisfaction), which reflects the quality of individual services. Serving CATI field research of any complexity and quotas.

Database update

Confirmation of available information and obtaining additional necessary data on the current or potential consumer.

Mystery call or secret buyer

Test calls to check the level and quality of work of the customer’s employees. Operators contact the hotline, information and service support with a request to provide information, purchase goods / services or solve problems. The service is implemented on an ongoing basis, or for a one-time check of the quality level. In this case, a statistical analysis is performed and a comparison with similar services of competitors can be performed.

Mass information

Providing existing consumers with new information about the company, promotions, goods and services. The main purpose of the service is to increase sales, so informing is usually made at the time of the promotion or discount program, and operators involved in the project undergo special training in sales.

Automatic informer

Calling subscribers on the database and providing them with information, without receiving feedback. For informing, use the automatic system IVM (Interactive Voice Messaging) without operator intervention. The service is focused on the mandatory reporting of information to the subscriber - for this, dialing to each number is made throughout the entire service validity period, until the subscriber answers.

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