Incoming calls are one of the most effective communication channels.
The main services of eCall for processing incoming calls:

Hot line

Handling a large number of calls on all issues, including sales, informing, service, receiving complaints, receiving feedback and others. As part of the service, a voice menu is created providing separate service branches for existing and new customers, for which operators with different qualifications are assigned, and the interaction process is based on the core task: existing customers focus on maintaining loyalty, new customers focus on sales.

Information line

A self-service, or a branch of the Hotline service, which provides existing and potential customers with any background information on goods and services around the clock 24/7/365 (24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year). The algorithm for implementing the Information Line service should provide for the possibility of transferring a call to the customer service, as well as special operator actions aimed at selling new goods and services.

Support or service line

Self-service, or a branch of the Hotline service, which provides processing of calls received from consumers in order to handle incidents - service calls. The incident may include a problem in operation caused by the complete or partial inoperability of the product / service) or the need for expert advice on the use of goods and services. The specifics of the “Support Line” service work are mandatory fixation of each incident (with reference to the consumer and / or product / service), mandatory identification of the method of customer feedback in case the incident cannot be resolved within one call, prioritization of incidents according to the degree of influence on the consumer ( the first priority is complete inoperability, the second is partial, the third is advice on use for an unsatisfied customer, the fourth is advice for a loyal client). It is recommended to ensure the work of the operators in the customer's incidents management system in order to register incidents there, and to receive current information on the solution status. The assignment of operators to the project “Support Lines” is based on their professional knowledge (expert training and customer training is required), as well as problem-solving skills and qualities of stress tolerance.

Service orders

A self-service, or a branch of the Hotline service, which provides for receiving and placing an order for a product / service, recording information in the customer's internal information systems, informing the consumer about the progress of his order. The algorithm for the implementation of the Service Orders service should include unobtrusive recommendations on the acquisition of an expanded range of services, information on promotions and discounts that stimulate the consumption of additional services. Therefore, eCall assigns specialists with basic phone sales skills to the project.

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